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Uganda Ranked 7th in Organized Crimes

By Agency

Uganda ranks 7th in Africa for the highest number of cases related to Organized Crimes, the Director of Public Prosecutions Jane Frances Abodo has revealed.

These crimes, committed for financial gain, encompass activities such as money laundering, drug trafficking, smuggling of migrants, human trafficking, fraud, extortion, counterfeiting, contraband, asset misappropriation, armed robbery, and more.  

Addressing the audience at the three-day Annual Prosecutors Symposium 2024 in Kampala, Abodo emphasized the need to strengthen prosecution capacity to combat both organized and emerging crimes.

Abodo noted Uganda’s geographical location with porous borders, which creates opportunities for organized crime to thrive, making it a haven for various types of crime, including cross-border cases.

Assistant Director of Public Prosecutions Lino Anguzu outlined challenges to prosecuting organized crimes, including porous borders, evolving technology, inadequate investigations, prosecutorial capacity, involvement of high-profile individuals, and limited domestic and international cooperation.  

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