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9000 Pupils Dropout From Oyam Primary Schools Annually

Pupils in class

The findings of a study conducted in the last three years has revealed that over 9000 Pupils dropout from Oyam Primary Schools annually.

A study conducted by the district Education department in 65 out of the 109 government aided primary schools in a period of three years have revealed that 28,109 pupils have dropped out; 9,520 in 2020, 9,086 in 2022 and 9,503 in 2023.

According to the study, dropping out among pupils starts right from primary one to primary seven.

For example, in 2023, 1,641 pupils dropped out from P.1 while 1,029 pupils dropped out in P.7 across the 65 schools.

David Adea, the Oyam District Senior Education Officer who expressed concern over the high rate of school dropout attributed it to challenges ranging from teenage pregnancy to child labour.

Benson Ongom, the District Inspector of schools acknowledged that more girls’ dropout of schools compared to boys.

However, Geneva Global, a charitable consulting company has launched the Speed School accelerated education program which gives an opportunity to primary-aged out-of-school children to attain formal education, learning the first three years of primary education in only ten months.

The program is operating in Oyam North specifically in the sub counties of Abok, Aleka, Otwal, and Ngai.

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