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Black Quarter Livestock Disease Confirmed In Gulu

Gulu District veterinary department has confirmed an outbreak of black quarter, an infectious and fatal bacterial livestock disease.

The disease was first reported by livestock farmers and local leaders over the weekend in the villages of Patalira, Kal, and Pawel Angany all in Patiko Sub- County where more than a dozen animals had shown symptoms.

Black quarter also known as black leg disease is a severe acute, burning, and highly fatal disease of cattle and sheep caused by Clostridium chauvoei.

The disease is manifested by high fever and lameness followed by swelling in the neck, shoulder, lumbar, gluteal, and sacral regions.

Alfred Opiyo, the Gulu District Veterinary Officer told Mega Fm Tuesday that the samples extracted from the suspected infected cattle for test on Monday turned positive for black quarter.

According to Opiyo, at least two cattle have already died from the disease adding that several others are reportedly showing signs and symptoms.

Patiko Sub-County alone has a total of 8,956 cattle, according to farmers profiling 2021/2022 out of the total 53,363 cattle in Gulu District.

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