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Climate Change, Fire Blamed for Slow Progress of Atiak Sugar Project

Extreme weather and frequent fire outbreaks at Atiak sugarcane plantations in Pacilo Village, Atiak Sub County in Amuru District were cited as some of the major factors that affected the multibillion shillings project progress.

According to the Auditor General’s report, the sugarcane plantations suffered adverse weather conditions such as heavy rains.

The Auditor General noted that extreme weather resulted into the poor progress of the project since the contractor cannot mobilize machines and deliver it at the site.

Meanwhile that mysterious fire that destroyed several acres of sugarcane in 2020 is said to have wiped out a substantial acreage of sugarcane.

The mysterious fire started on December 10 and lasted for two days.

It destroyed 600 acres of sugarcane plantations.

Police put the cost of damages caused by fires on Atiak Sugarcane Plantation owned by Horyal Investments Holdings Company Limited and the Government of Uganda (GoU), at 3 Billion Shillings.

Other factors blamed for the slow progress of the project were shortage of seed cane within the proximity of the plantation site, difficulty in mobilizing labour and the outbreak of COVID- 19.

Caption: Atiak sugarcane plantation destroyed by fire

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