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Locally Processed Spices, Dry Fruits Hit Gulu Food Stores

Spices and dried fruits processed and packaged by an agro-processor have finally found their way to the shelves of local foods stores in Gulu City.

House Ojok Investment located in Bar-Dege-Layibi Division in Gulu City produces spices such as chili-garlic oil and dry pineapple fruits.

Each month, the mini-factory produces 200 kilograms of spices.

The spices are packed in 100 milliliters and 200 milliliters containers.

Moses Walter Ojok, the proprietor of House Ojok Investment said in the future, they plan to produce 1,000 kilograms of spices and dry fruits each month.

Ojok also revealed that soon, they will start packaging dry vegetables such as okra and eggplants.

He noted that apart from increasing the shelf-life of vegetables and fruits, the factory will create a ready market for locally produced vegetables and fruits.

Caption: Chili-garlic oil produced by House Ojok

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