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Minister Mao Appointed APG Interim Chairman

Norbert Mao

By Christopher Oola

The Minister of Justice and Constitutional affairs, Norbert Mao, has been appointed interim chairperson of the Acholi Parliamentary Group (APG).

Mao’s appointment by Wang-OO Heritage Limited, a loose association of Acholi elders, follows the unending squabbles among members of the APG with two factions emerging, one loyal to Anthony Akol, the current APG chairperson who is also the Kilak County Member of Parliament (MP) and the other loyal to Okot John Amos (Agago North County MP), the leader of a breakaway group.

MP Akol

According to Okello-Okello John Livingstone, the chairperson Wang-OO Heritage Ltd, both MP Akol and MP Okot have been asked to step aside to pave way for reconciliation and subsequent elections of new APG leadership.

Eminent leaders including Archbishop Emeritus Dr. John Baptist Odama, Justice (Rtd) Galdino Moro Okello and Ambassador Olara Otunu have also been nominated to oversee the all process including election of new APG leadership.

When contacted MP Okot, confirmed receiving the report but decline to comment on the matter while MP Akol did not answer our repeated phone calls.

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