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President Museveni Creates New Unit To Fight Corruption In URA

President Museveni

By Agency

President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni has created a new unit to oversee the Uganda Revenue Authority-URA operations and fight corruption within the tax administration system.

In a short statement released by the Presidential Press Unit, “The State House Revenue Intelligence and Strategic Operations Unit” is mandated to help the Government close revenue leakages and boost tax collection.

The President has appointed Mr. David Kalemera as a Senior Presidential Advisor and Head of the Unit.

The creation of this anti-corruption unit adds to a litany of statutory and other units created to fight corruption among different government agencies.

State House now has several such units such as the Anti-Corruption Unit headed by Brig. Henry Isoke, the State House Investor Protection Unit headed by Col. Edith Nakalema, State House Health Monitoring Unit headed by Dr Warren Namanya among others.

These join statutory anti-corruption units such as the Inspectorate of Government, the Auditor General, the Director of Public Prosecution, the Police Criminal Investigation Department, the Anticorruption Court among others.  

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