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Museveni Pays Tribute to Former DP Leader Alex Latim

President Museveni poses for a photo with family members of the late Alex Alijja Latim, a prominent opposition politician PPU Phot

By James Owich

President Yoweri Museveni has paid a glowing tribute to the former Leader of Opposition, Alex (Alija) Latim. President Museveni described the Late Latim as a true patriot.

In a post on his X (formerly tweeter), Museveni said Latim made a tremendous contribution to the Uganda’s post-independence struggle.

According to Museveni, Latim’s life was cut by those whom he described as ruthless leaders.

On Thursday, the President met Latim’s children at State House, Entebbe. He pledged to support the former DP strongman’s children so that they can rebuild their shattered lives.

Latim was a leading figure in Uganda’s Democratic Party in the period after independence.

As leader of the opposition from 1964-71, he was involved in attempts to oust Prime Minister (and later President) Milton Obote through democratic and parliamentary measures. He replaced Basil Bataringaya as the DP Secretary General. During the following years.

Latim together with his fellow DP colleagues and some of the KY and UPC members who had crossed to the Opposition side continued to fight bravely for the survival of the Opposition. Latim was allegedly murdered by Amin’s henchmen in 1979.     

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