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President Museveni Urged Muslims to Create Wealth As They Mark Eid al- fitr

President Yoweri Museveni

By Agency

President Yoweri Museveni has in his Eid al-fitr message said that believers of Islam and Christianity should be examples of the rest of society in creating prosperity on earth as they prepare to go to heaven.

The president said as a follower of Christianity and also a firm traditional munyankore he can testify that the new religions of Islam and Christianity have added value to the quality of our lives if one grasps the correct interpretation of the religious teachings that do not de-campaign work and promote the idea of miracle wealth without work.

He asked all believers and everybody else to engage in wealth creation in the sectors of commercial agriculture, artisanship and manufacturing; services; and ICT.

The president said that It ii not Godly to have a situation like we had in 2013, where 68% of homesteads in Uganda, were outside the money economy.

He explained that it is the reason he intervened with the Army with the Operation Wealth Creation-OWC and reduced the number of people outside the money economy to 39 percent.

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