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WHO Launches Appeal for USD1.5B for Key Emergencies in 2024

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The World Health Organization (WHO) has launched an appeal for US$ 1.5 billion to protect the health of the most vulnerable populations in 41 emergencies around the globe in 2024.

The appeal covers the emergencies that demand the highest level of response from WHO, to reach over 87 million people. It is being issued in the context of complex emergencies cutting across crises of conflict, climate change, and economic instability, which continue to fuel displacement, hunger, and inequality.

According to a statement shared by the health body, the funding they are looking for will enable life-saving health care, distribution of critical health supplies and equipment, along maintenance of essential health services to ensure continuous care.

The expenditure plan shows funding would go to the African Region, with US$ 334 million; the Eastern Mediterranean Region, with US$ 705 million; the European region, with US$ 183 million; the Western Pacific Region, with US$ 15.2 million; the Southeast Asia Region, with US$ 49 million; and the Americas Region, with US$ 131 million.   

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