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TASO urged Parents Acholi to educate their children on HIV

The Aids Support Organization (TASO) has called on parents in Acholi sub region to talk to their children about sex and issues around HIV.

According to TASO, arming children with information on HIV and sex will reduce the high HIV prevalence rate among young people.

The organization also noted that children are already having sex despite the silence of adults about HIV.

A survey conducted by TASO in Acholi sub region recently indicates that new HIV infections reduced from 11,358 in 2017 to 3,175 in 2021.

This translates into a reduction rate of 72 percent.

Meanwhile approximately 570 young women aged 15 to 24 get infected with HIV every week in Uganda.

Walter Okema, the TASO Centre Program for Gulu warned that if parents failed to break their silence on subjects around sex, their children will learn about it from strangers and the internet.

Okema said with HIV raging on, parents do away with believing that talking about sex is a taboo.

Caption: Health message on HIV pinned on Taso Head offices in Gulu City

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