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Kaboyo appointed BAT-Uganda non-executive member

BAT-Uganda has appointed international financial markets and corporate management expert Stephen Kaboyo as a non-executive board member effective November 22, 2023.

The other board members are Ms Maria Odido and Ms Catherine ChepKong’a. BAT Uganda, a subsidiary of British America Tobacco Investment Ltd., one of the world’s top multi-category consumer products companies, with brands marketed in over 180 countries. BAT Uganda was founded in 1928.

It has been listed on the Uganda Securities Exchange since 2000 and has roughly 1,230 shareholders, with approximately 1,200 of those shareholders being local (East African). The current trend in many companies is identifying relatively young talent to take over leadership and governance roles from the older generation of well-known corporate leaders.

Kaboyo, a seasoned professional, is the founder and managing director of Alpha Capital Partners, a Ugandan firm specializing in sovereign asset management, foreign exchange trading methods, and financial sector advisory. He also serves as the honorary consul of the Czech Republic in Uganda, chairman of the Total Uganda advisory board, and Sino-Uganda special economic zone.

He is a non-executive director at Uganda Reinsurance Company Limited and a resident advisor to ATMO US. He has previously held senior roles in the financial sector, including director of financial markets with the Bank of Uganda and executive secretary at the capital markets authority in Uganda.

He is also the chairman of the Nile Competitiveness Initiative, an advisory group set up by President Museveni. The Think Tank advises the President about how to accelerate investment, production, and productivity in the ministries of trade and export, agriculture, the financial sector, and public service.

Kaboyo is a member of the Organization of Economic Cooperation and Development, Africa’s public debt manager’s forum, and a liaison officer for Uganda with the Africa Development Bank. He previously served as an intermittent expert for the IMF, participating in international missions and providing technical assistance in developing financial systems.

“The board is confident that Kaboyo’s experience will be useful in fulfilling BAT-Uganda’s strategic objectives,” BAT-Uganda said in a statement.

BAT-Uganda celebrated its 95th anniversary in Uganda this year. Over the years, the company has made consistent contributions to the country’s socioeconomic development, including assisting over 30,000 Ugandans in our value chain with their livelihoods.

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