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Amuru Man Who Burnt His Car Arrested

Suudi Balidawa Running Away After Setting His Car Ablaze

By Tolit Iivan

Suudi Balidawa, the man who shocked the public by setting ablaze his car, a Toyota wish UBE 852E in Lorikwo East Cell, Elegu Town Council in Amuru district, has been arrested.

Balidawa, a driver and mechanic at Elegu Town Council was arrested on Thursday evening and detained at Amuru Central Police station.

Trouble for Balidawa started on May 7, 2024 when he accidentally knocked one Nakabaliki Naome, 58 from Kanyanya in Kampala on his way to Gulu City but failed to report the matter to police.

After the crash, Balidawa attempted to flee but was stopped and compelled by Boda-boda riders to take the injured pedestrian to the hospital, which he agreed to do.

However, on the way to the hospital, he transferred the victim from his vehicle to a hired motorcycle and parked his vehicle elsewhere to avoid being recognized at the hospital.

According to police, Balidawa shared his phone contact with the victim’s son but gave a false number plate in an attempt to evade justice.

Balidawa later on May 9, 2024 reported the matter to Elegu police post where he claims to have been discriminated against leading to the outburst in which he burnt his car.

Fred Enanga, the Uganda Police Spokesperson confirmed his arrest saying investigation into the matter is ongoing. 

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