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Archbishop-Elect Wokorach Hit On Polygamists to Take Matia Mulumba’s Example

Rt Rev Raphael P'mony Wokorach, the Archbishop of Gulu Archdiocese.(courtesy photo)

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The Gulu Archbishop-Elect, The Most Rev Wrapheal P’mony Wokorach, has hit on polygamist to take the good example of Saint Matia Mulumba let the bad practice when he chose Christ and lived to expectations of a Christians.

From the story of Uganda martyrs story, Matthias Kalemba Mulumba, 50, was an assistant county chief to Mukwenda (the county chief of Ssingo) and had many wives.

In the African tradition, it was prestigious to marry many wives, the bigger the number of wives one had, the greater the honour.

It is said that when Mulumba embraced the Catholic faith, he set free all his wives and treated them in the best way possible, allowing them all full liberty for their well-being and prosperity.

Wokorach who is also the Apostolic Administrator of Nebbi Diocese, made the remarks while delivering his homily during Mass held at Namungongo in commemoration of the 22 young converts who were died because of their faith.  

In the Homily, the prelate noted that there is also a need to pray for the struggling families to be in communion with one another as the holy family of Nazareth. 

He further challenged the Christian to always speak truth to those with power taking an example of St Joseph Mukasa who could speak truth to the Kabaka telling him that it was bad to kill despite the fact that many people feared to dare tell this to the Kabaka.

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