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Deputy Chief Justice Cautions Magistrates Turning up Late for Work

The Deputy Chief Justice, Richard Buteera, has issued a stern caution to registrars and magistrates who report late for duty, warning that such behavior tarnishes their image and that of the institution.

Justice Buteera made these remarks while inaugurating a one-week induction for newly recruited magistrates and registrars, which commenced on Monday in Mukono.  

He emphasized the critical importance of adhering to work schedules and meeting set targets, highlighting that failure to do so could result in case delays, backlog, litigant frustrations, and a negative perception of the judiciary.

He urged registrars and magistrates to lead by example and serve as role models for those under their supervision.

The induction aims to refine the skills of judicial officers already deployed at various stations to ensure the effective administration of justice in Uganda.

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