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Five Arrested For Cutting Down Shea nut Trees in Agago

Five suspects have been taken into police custody on allegations of cutting down shea-nut trees in Agago district.

They include Okello Onen Richard (28), a resident of Laminonyula village in Lamiyo sub-county, Lagen Julius Peter Bakat (30), a resident of Dogagweng village in Arum sub-county, Oketa Patrick (27), Canogura Patrick (20) and Okwera Peter (23) both residents of Watsna village also in Arum sub-county.

They were arrested on Monday on allegations of cutting down over 2000 shea nut tree species for charcoal burning in Watsna village Arum sub-county.

The officer in charge of Lira-palwo police post Ben Ocaya confirmed the arrest of the suspects who are being held under SD reference 11/18/03/2024.

Agago district has lost more than 20,000 shea nut trees in five months, a recent report by cultural leaders in the district indicates.

On May 19th, 2023, President Yoweri Museveni issued Executive Order No.3 banning trade in indigenous tree species, especially the endangered shea nut trees.

In 2016 the cultural leaders enacted a by-law banning the cutting of shea nut trees and two years later, the Ministry of Water and Environment suspended the felling, transportation, and trade in shea nut trees to prevent its extinction.

Nevertheless, several people are still cutting the shea nut trees, mainly for commercial charcoal purposes.

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