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Elders Passed Six Key Resolutions To End Conflict At Ker Kwaro Acholi

Rwot David Onen Acana II Launching Acholi Diarry

By Christopher Oola

A 15-man negotiation committee, comprising of elders and leaders, in Acholi sub region have come out with six key resolutions aimed at resolving the long standing conflict at Ker Kwaro Acholi, the Acholi cultural institution.

In July last year, a power rift broke out at the cultural institution after Rwot Santos Apire, the Atiak Chiefdom head conspired with a section of chiefs demanding the resignation of Acholi Paramount Chief David Onen Acana II from office.

The rival chiefs listed among other allegations of corruption, abuse of office, registration of the cultural institution as a business entity, and lack of a working constitution as their grievances.

In attempts to resolve the impasse at the cultural institution, a 15-man negotiation committee team of elders chaired by former Chua County Legislator John Livingstone Okello Okello was formed with three main objectives to de-escalate the conflict, establish the causes, and prepare the ground for dialogue.

One of key resolutions is that government should withhold emoluments to Ker Kwaro Acholi until conflicts between warring chiefs are resolved.

Other resolutions include the need to institute an inclusive process that will lead to the formulation of a legitimate constitution to govern the cultural institution.

The elders also resolved that the current title of Lawirodwi (Paramount chief) being used is illegal alleging that it had already been expunged by the Acholi District Council in 1961 and replaced by Laloyo Maber (a good leader).

John Livingston Okello told journalists on Monday the negotiation committee came out the resolutions after Rwot Acana failed to meet them.

Okello Okuna, the Acting Acholi Cultural Institution Prime Minister however told Mega Fm on Tuesday that the resolution is biased and doesn’t in any way represent a move towards resolving the alleged conflicts. Okuna noted that while the elders accused the Paramount Chief of failing to honor their request for a meeting, the cultural institution observed that the choice of negotiators was biased.

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