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Rwot Acana Rallies Acholi To Embrace National Census

Paramount Chief Rwot Onen David Acana II

By Tolit Ivan

Rwot David Onen Acana II, the Acholi Paramount Chief, has rallied his subjects to actively participate in the upcoming National Population and Housing Census.

The census activities are scheduled to commence on May 10th, 2024, with the government declaring it a public holiday to facilitate the smooth execution of the enumeration process.

The census aims to gather crucial data on social, economic, and demographic statistics, which will inform policy and decision-making at both local and national levels.

According Rwot Acana, the census is very important that Acholi’s must not take it for granted if the region is to realize equitable resource allocation.

Acholi’s population is estimated at 1.4 million according to the 2014 Population Census.

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