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Kole Police Officer Shots Civilian Dead

Patrick Jimmy Okema, the North Kyoga Region Police Spokesperson

Police in Kole District are holding one over their own for allegedly shooting a 28-year-old man dead.

The suspect has been identified as Probational Police Constable Eliot Mugisa, attached to Alemi Police Post in Kole District.

According to reports, PCC Mugisa shot and killed Daniel Obura on Monday afternoon at around 1:44pm. The incident happened at Bala Trading Centre.

Mugisa opened fire after the deceased attempted to disarm him.

Preliminary investigation report indicates that Obura was herding cattle while on his way to pay a dowry when he confronted the suspect after the latter arrested one of his friends on an allegation of assault.

The deceased also reportedly attacked PCC Mugisa with a stick.

The incident escalated resulting in a tragic incident.

Patrick Jimmy Okema, the North Kyoga Region Police Spokesperson confirmed reports adding that investigation into the matter is ongoing.

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