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590 Underage Children Defiled By People Living with HIV, Teachers

At least 383 underage boys and girls were allegedly defiled by individuals living with HIV in Uganda in 2023, according to the latest police annual crime report.

The minors were among 3,846 children who were victims of aggravated defilement last year.

Police 2023 crime statistics further indicate that 143 pupils were defiled by their teachers.

During the same period, 69 secondary school students were also molested by their teachers.

Other victims of aggravated defilement include 97 children who were assaulted by their parents (incest), 90 by their guardians and 131 were living with disability.

According to police, 13,087 underage girls and 312 boys were victims of defilement in 2023.

Nearly 55 percent of the children who have fallen victims to defilement were between 15-17 years.

In total, 14,846 cases of sex-related crimes were recorded across the country last year.

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