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Kwoyelo Rejects Latoni Name

Kwoyelo in Court

Thomas Kwoyelo, the former Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) Commander has rejected the name Latoni on his charge sheet saying it’s not his name.

While testifying yesterday at his Defence trial going before the International Crimes Division of the High Court (ICD) sitting at Gulu High Court in Gulu city told court that he is not called Latoni and is shocked to hear Judges call him that way.

Both the Prosecution and Judges remained silent on Kwoyelo’s concerns about the name Latoni and instead asked him to proceed with his statements.

The International Crimes Division of the High Court is being presided over by the four-member panel of justices led by Michael Elubu, Duncan Gaswaga, Stephen Mubiru and alternate Judge Dr. Andrew Bashaija.

Kwoyelo is facing 78 counts on killing civilians, rape and aggravated robbery among others during the two decades of the LRA led insurgency in northern Uganda.

Kwoyelo whose trial commenced in September 2018 has been in custody at Luzira Maximum Prison since 2009 after being captured by the Ugandan Army in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) in March same year.

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