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Pader CID Officers, Three Others Arrested for Aiding Escape of Murder Suspect

Four police officers from Pader Central Police Station are in trouble for allegedly aiding the escape of a murder suspect.

The Aswa East Acholi Regional Police leadership picked the suspects on Saturday.

They are Alfred Alumansi, the Criminal Investigations Officer of Pader Central Police Station, AIP Ochora Geoffrey, and Detective Constables Josephine Mukyayaye and Wilberforce Kadhumbula with others still at large.

They are currently detained at Kitgum regional police headquarters on charges related to aiding the escape of Odong Bosco Okidi, a murder suspect involved in the shooting of Boniface Moro, a businessman in Pader.

The investigation revealed that the escape plan was orchestrated by Alumansi, who ordered the transfer of the suspect from the Police Cell to the Court Cell, leaving him unattended and later aiding his disappearance.

Alumansi allegedly also ordered the removal of the suspect’s name from the Police Cell register to conceal his presence. Aswa East regional police commander, Anatoli Katungwensi, confirmed the arrests and announced that the officers would face disciplinary hearings for their misconduct, including mismanagement of case files.   

Additionally, intelligence reports indicated that a Police Flying Squad operation in Bargoma Village, Pader District, led to the recovery of firearms and the arrest of suspects, including Michael Komakech, who confessed to stealing guns in 2015. Subsequent investigations led to the arrest of other suspects, including Patrick Sam Okot, a police deserter, and Bosco Okidi Odong.

Despite the suspects’ remand to Kineni Prison, Okidi managed to escape from Court Cells, prompting further scrutiny of the circumstances of his escape. The Pader district Chief Magistrate, Ssajjabbi Noah Norobert, distanced himself from the matter, emphasizing that custody lies with Prisons and Police, not the court.

The Pader resident district commissioner, Mr. Milton Odongo, condemned the actions of the police officers, stressing that such behavior tarnishes the government’s reputation. He assured that measures would be taken to address the mishandling of case files and urged complainants to provide statements for follow-up investigations.

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