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Patients Resort to Urine for Red Eyes Treatment at Elegu Border

Elegu border Post .Photo by Ivan Tolit

By Agency

A section of residents at the Uganda-South Sudan border point of Elegu Town Council in Amuru District are using urine as ‘eye drops’ to treat conjunctivitis also known as red eye disease.

This comes in the wake of the outbreak of the highly contagious eye disease at the bustling border town since the month began according to health officials.

Patrick Luis Lamot, the Health Focal Point Person at Elegu Border point said Monday that the disease has since affected 393 people between April 3, 2024 to date.

The disease is characterized by inflammation of the conjunctiva, redness of the eye, blurred vision, itching or burning of the eyes among others.

William Oyoo, a driver at Elegu Town Council however noted that several drivers and other residents within the area have resorted to using urine drops in their eyes claiming it cures red eyes infection.

Oyoo alleged that some of the patients who were infected with the disease reported they got cured after three or four days of using their own urine as eye drop.

Health officials have however dismissed claims that urine cures red eyes and instead cautioned patients to seek proper medical treatment from health professionals. Dr. Kenneth Cana, Gulu District Health Officer said urine contains toxins that are dangerous for the eyes and instead advised community members to only seek for medical treatment from health facilities.               

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