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Red Eye Patients Risk Contracting STIs, Doctor Warns

By Owich James

Patients suffering from Red Eye Disease (Conjunctivitis) are at risk of contracting Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs) for treating the condition using urine, an ophthalmologist has warned.

Dr. Glady Atto, an ophthalmologist attached to Moroto Regional Referral Hospital said a patient can end up being infected with Gonorrhea in case he or she uses urine got from an infected person.

Dr. Atto says even if urine is free and widely available, a patient suffering from Red Eye Disease should seek for treatment from a qualified healthcare professional.

Dr. Atto was responding to questions being raised by her follower on X (formerly twitter).

The warning follows several reports that individuals suffering from Conjunctivitis in Amuru District have resorted to using urine to treat the disease.

However, Atto said urine is not a recommended treatment for the condition.

According to Atto, there is no scientific prove that urine is effective in treating Conjunctivitis. She also discouraged patients from using herbs to treat Red Eye Disease.

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