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President Museveni Reaffirms His Wealth Creation Strategy To Leaders

President Museveni in Kisozi - Gomba with Government officials -

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President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni has reaffirmed his wealth creation strategy to the leadership of the three arms of the government by presenting accountability in the form of testimonies of significant achievements already registered by farmers in Gomba and Sembabule districts who listened to his advice.

“We the people of Kisozi have decided to invite you to share with you our line of thinking which is the line of NRM.  Some people were fighting Sarah Nalwanga [project Coordinator].I told them that this is not Nalwanga’s project but my project. Nalwanga now runs a nursery bed of coffee and fruit seedlings so that we distribute them to more people then we can add other things later,” he said.

The President accompanied by the First Lady and Minister of Education and Sports, Maama Janet Museveni,made the remarks on Saturday at a special public rally held at Kisozi Primary School in Gomba District to prove to the leaders of the country that it is possible to eradicate poverty from the population if only they (leaders) could lead by example.

President Museveni noted that the whole cattle corridor has the same success stories right from Isingiro, Mbarara, Kiruhura, Lyantonde, Sembabule, Gomba, Kyakwanzi, Kiboga, Ngoma and Masindi following their student movement’s aggressive wealth creation sensitization campaign to the population.

He said the challenge now is to encourage dairy farmers to adopt the zero-grazing method as opposed to free grazing.


The Gomba West Member of Parliament, Hon. Robina Rwakoojo commended President Museveni for inviting all the three arms of government (Executive, Judiciary and legislature) to her constituency.

Several testimonies were given by progressive farmers from the nine villages of Sembabule and Gomba districts who are now deeply involved in the money economy.

The nine villages include Kirasi, Kajumiro, Kisozi A, Kisozi B, Kikuma, Obutugu, Lutunku A, Lutunku B and Kasozi.

Some of the farmers from Sembabule district who presented their testimonies were Isirairi Kwefuga who has 10 acres of coffee and earns over Shs220 million in a year. He is also involved in dairy farming and gets 800 litres of milk per day. Other farmers were Justine Nyamwiza, Zizebera James and Kusasira Noah.

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