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“The Real Problem Are The Traitors Working For Foreigners Not Anita Among” – President Museveni Defends Embattle Speaker

President Museveni displays a spear and shield after receiving it from Speaker of Parliament Anita Among during a rally at Bukedea Town Council grounds in Bukedea district on Saturday.

President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni has defended the Speaker of Parliament, Rt. Hon. Anita Annet Among against those attacking her on social media over alleged corruption and irrational expenditure of Parliament.

For weeks now, the Speaker has been in the limelight over alleged misappropriation of funds by Parliament. This has been done through social media under the hashtag Uganda Parliament Exhibition.

“I have been hearing some people attacking her and other MPs. These young MPs, most of them are learners, they come from the university and because of democracy, they are elected. Sometimes, they may be excited, get loans and get into debts. Sometimes they make other mistakes but within the NRM, we always get together and see how we help out people and help them out of the mistakes they may be involved in,” President Museveni said.

The President made the remarks on Saturday while addressing the residents of Bukedea at Emokor Grounds. The address came hot on the heels of his commissioning of Bukedea Teaching Hospital and College of Health Sciences in Bukedea District.  The hospital was built by Rt. Hon. Among, who is also the Bukedea District Woman Member of Parliament.

H.E Museveni explained that the real problem Uganda has are the traitors who work for foreigners but not the Speaker or Members of Parliament.

“It is the traitors who are working for foreigners. Those are the real traitors. They are not mistake makers, they are not learners who need advice, they are outright traitors. First of all, they are working for foreigners but moreover working for bad types of foreigners like homosexuals and imperialists who want Africans to be slaves again,” he stressed.

The President further revealed that he was monitoring through the intelligence to see what has been going on regarding the social media attacks against Rt. Hon. Among.

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