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144 Dogs Castrated To Control Dog Population In Gulu City

By Tolit Ivan

At least 144 stray dogs have been castrated and spayed in Gulu City by the Big Fix Uganda, a dog hospital, to control the dog population that has been on the rise following an influx of stray dogs. 71 of the dogs were male while 73 were females.

Okello Francis Oloya, the Manager Comfort Dog Project under the Big Fix Uganda, said the exercise is the best way of controlling stray dogs instead of rudimentary means of poisoning dogs.

Okello has accordingly urged dog guardians who are not able to maintain many dogs to consider castration and spaying to relieve them from the burden of feeding a high number of dogs they can’t manage.

Castration, Neutering or spaying is a routine procedure that involves removing the dog’s sexual organs to prevent unwanted pregnancies, pregnancy related illness, and conditions such as testicular, ovarian, and mammary cancers. The male procedure is called castration while the female procedure is called

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