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Jubilee App moves to fight lifestyle diseases

Last week, Jubilee Insurance unveiled the Maisha Fiti Application to promote the physical and mental well-being of people.

Unveiled at the back of the telematics program, the application empowers users to take charge of their preventive and curative health. Lifestyle-related illnesses are often preventable and have far-reaching con- sequences on an individual’s well-being and the country’s health infrastructure.

It is estimated that 39 per cent of deaths in Uganda are due to non-communicable diseases (NCDs). The probability of dying prematurely from one of the four main NCDs is 22%. Lack of physical activity, heavy alcohol consumption, and poor diet have been identified as the major contributors to the rising disease burden.

Speaking at Legends Rugby Club, Caroline Ndungu, the head of Marketing and Corporate Communications at Jubilee Insurance, said; “We believe that prevention is better than cure. It is better to track yourself and be ahead of your health instead of coming to get treatment. We embrace a lifestyle of wellness. Our main purpose is to live free from toxicity that may slow your body down.”

She noted that most Africans are just an illness away from poverty and urged them to get insurance coverage and embrace a lifestyle that will enable them to take care of themselves ahead of preventable diseases such as cancer.

Daniel Musiime, the CEO of Jubilee Health Insurance Uganda, stated: Recently health insurance has been that you have to fall sick to go and see a doctor but we are saying we have to do everything possible not to go to the consulting room.”

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