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Implementation of Ongwen’s Reparation Order Not Yet In Sight-ICC

Dominic Ongwen Surrendering to UPDF

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The International Criminal Court (ICC) says the status of the reparation order in the case of former Commander LRA Commander, Dominic Ongwen, will take a long time before any payments are made to the victims.

In February this year, the ICC ordered a total of Euros 52.429 million approximately 222 billion Shillings in compensation to the thousands of victims of Ongwen, one of the senior LRA commanders who is serving a 25-year jail sentence in Norway on war crimes and crimes against humanity charges.

The court also ordered a symbolic payment of 750 euros to the estimated 49,772 direct and indirect victims of Ongwen’s atrocities.

The ICC Registrar, Osvaldo Zavala Giler, currently on a visit to Uganda noted that not all victims of Ongwen’s atrocities will receive symbolic reparation at the same time.

The ICC registrar further revealed that Ongwen’s defense lawyers in April this year appealed against the reparation order asking the chamber to suspend the implementation of the reparation order until a judgment on the appeal was issued by the appeal chamber.

Osvaldo said while the court awaits the decision of the five panel members of judges at the appeal chambers, the trust fund for victims is moving on with the implementation order unless otherwise restrained by the Court.

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