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President Museveni Welcomes American Film Producer

President Yoweri welcomes America’s Emmy Award-winning producer, Mr. Peter Greenberg to Uganda

President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni on February, 6, 2024 welcomed America’s Emmy Award-winning producer, Mr. Peter Greenberg to Uganda to film an upcoming documentary project aimed at promoting the country’s vibrant tourism industry.

President Museveni welcomed Mr. Greenberg during an interview held at State Lodge- Nakasero which was aimed at exploring Uganda’s Unique charms to inspire his upcoming movie. Mr. Greenberg is also a travel editor for CBS News.

The documentary “Hidden Uganda” is estimated to reach about 110 million viewers internationally when it airs later this year.

During the engagement, President Museveni expressed gratitude towards Mr. Greenberg for his visit and emphasised Uganda’s beauty.

In response, Mr. Greenberg expressed gratitude for the opportunity to film a documentary about Uganda, praising the country’s untapped potential for cinematic exploration.

He commended the efforts of Ms. Diana Museveni Kyaremera in ensuring that their production trip has been a success.

Mr. Greenberg also noted that the collaborative endeavour between his film and the country promises to showcase Uganda’s natural wonders and cultural richness to a global audience, further cementing its status as a premier tourist destination.

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