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UBOS to Mount Roadblocks on Highways

Students of Kitebi Secondary School- Rubaga Division, Kampala

By Agency

Roadblocks will be staged on highways where individuals in transit will be counted.  The 2024 National Housing and Population Census is set to kick off after midnight.

Chris Mukiza, the Uganda Bureau of Statistics-UBOS Executive Director said that with the support of security agencies, roadblocks will be established on highways from midnight for mandatorily counting of people in transit.

According to Mukiza, the roadblocks shall be mounted on major roads across the country, targeting the “floating population” such as street children, bus and truck drivers, and passengers.

He added that those who will be counted while in transit will be issued with a card to eliminate the possibility of double-counting.

Mukiza warned that the law empowers the UBOS Executive Director to sue any person who gives wrong information or prevents others from giving the right information.

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