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UK Sanctions Anita Among, Kitutu, Nandutu Over Corruption

Speaker Among

By Agency

The UK on Tuesday announced sanctions on the Speaker of Parliament, Annet Anita Among, and former Ministers, Gorreti Kituti and Agnes Nandutu. The trio is accused of stealing from the poor communities of Karamoja in the infamous iron sheet scandal. 

Anita Among was among the government officials who had been accused of diverting iron sheets meant for Karamoja.  While Nandutu, Kitutu, and Amos Lugolobi were charged concerning the iron sheet scandal, Anita Among was not. Reports indicated that Anita Among returned the 500 pieces of the iron sheets.

A statement from the UK’s Foreign, Commonwealth, and Development Office on Tuesday, announced the sanctions against the speaker and her two-backbench members of Parliament. 

The statement by the Deputy Foreign Secretary, Andrew Mitchell said the speaker, Anita Among, Agnes Nandutu, and Gorreti Kitutu faced sanctions over corruption

Agnes Nadutu

. “The actions of these individuals, in taking aid from those who need it most, and keeping the proceeds, is corruption at its worst and has no place in society. The Ugandan courts are rightly taking action to crack down on those politicians who seek to line their own pockets at their constituents’ expense,” he said.

It is the first time the UK has used the Global Anti-Corruption Sanctions regime on individuals involved in corruption in Uganda. It said said the new sanctions were part of its effort to crack down on serious corruption worldwide.  

The UK said the sanctions were sending a clear message to those who think benefiting at the expense of others is acceptable. Mary Goretti Kitutu and Agnes Nandutu served as Minister and State Minister for Karamoja. Before President Museveni dropped them recently

. The sanctions are under the Global Anti-Corruption Sanctions Regulations 2021. The sanctions aimed to prevent and combat serious corruption. They replaced the Misappropriation (Sanctions) (EU Exit) Regulations 2020 concerning misappropriation of State funds from any country outside the UK. 

Those sanctions face consequences like asset freeze preventing any UK citizen, or any business in the UK, from dealing with any funds or economic resources that are owned, held, or controlled by the designated person and which are held in the UK. 

Individuals and entities anywhere in the world can be sanctioned for their involvement in bribery or misappropriation of property involving a foreign public official.   

URN has not been able to reach former Ministers, Mary Goretti Kitutu and Agnes Nandutu for comment about the latest developments. Parliament’s Spokesperson, Chris Obore in a statement on behalf of the speaker said she has never been charged with corruption in any court of law.    

Obore suggests that the sanctioning of Anita Amon could be related to her support from the Anti-Homosexuality Act 2023. 

“The truth is in fact the iron sheets were distributed to public schools, and Andrew Mitchell who was vocal in condemning Rt. Hon Among for enacting the Anti-Homosexuality Act did not in his statement indicate how exactly Rt. Hon Speaker derived personal benefit from them” said Obore. 

This is not the first time Anita Among or her spokesperson, Chris Obore has stalked the anti-homosexuality claim. She made similar concerns when her office was under public scrutiny over irregular payouts and expenditures by the Parliamentary Commission, which she chairs.  

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