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Russian Mercenaries Hunting for Elusive LRA Chief Joseph Kony-Reports

Joseph Kony

By James Owich

Russian mercenaries are reportedly hunting for the elusive Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) rebels’ leader Joseph Kony.

According to a report published online by the Rolling Stone, the Wagner Group are working hard to capture Kony who is reported to be hiding in the jungles of the Central African Republican (CAR).

Multiple sources independently describe to the US based online newspaper that the Group started hunting for the ICC indicted rebel’s chief in the remote corner of the CAR in early April.

A social media post affiliated with Wagner also confirms some aspects of the group’s interest in the warlord.

The report published on April 27, 2024 described how the operation was meant to demonstrate the failures by the US military to capture Kony.

The US had spent billions of dollars to capture the LRA leader.

He however avoided arrest for the last 19 years.

Kony is reported to be hiding inside Sudan’s controlled enclave of Kafia- Kingi.

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