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Police Tops List of Human Rights Violators in Uganda

Torture Victim in Gulu

By Owich James

Police have been ranked top of the list of violators of human rights in Uganda, according to a new report.

The report indicates that in 2023 alone, 176 cases of human rights violations were registered against the law enforcement agency across the country. This translates into 44 percent of the total cases of human rights violations registered in the country last year.

The law enforcement agency were majorly accused of deprivation of personal liberty, torture, and inhuman treatment.

Private individuals were ranked second with 110 complaints, followed by the UPDF at 78. Others are Uganda Prisons Service (12), private companies (11), Ministries, Department and Agencies (6) and local governments (5).

In total, the rights body received 406 cases of human rights violations in 2023.

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